Our Lake Building

Stage 1


There are many things to consider when designing a lake. The most important and the first item on everybody’s list to be considered is safety. Is it in a public place? Do we need a fence? Do we need a life jacket erected nearly? Will signage be required? Marc and his team will answer all your questions and offer solutions and advice. Contents would be another consideration. Do you want a water feature? Will you populate with fish, plants, or maybe both? Do you need a maintenance plan? Marc has a wealth of experience in lake design and installation and is the best place to advise on all queries.

Stage 2


We will carry out a site inspection and risk assessment on our first visit to ensure every precaution is taken with the build. We use only the best quality supplies and equipment for all our projects as our reputation depends on it. We believe communication is key, so we will be in touch throughout the project to make sure all your requirements are met along the way.

Stage 3


Whether your lake is man-made or natural, it will require ongoing maintenance to ensure that it remains safe and healthy. Without maintenance, still waters can quickly decline. Dead plants will accumulate, and leaves fall from nearby trees or are carried by the wind. Trees can also block out light allowing stagnant conditions to form. All in all, lakes need looking after. We have a variety of maintenance options, something to suit everyone. Marc will happily talk you through the options.

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